What’s important for the 10th District!

Pro Life

We need to protect those who cannot speak for themselves. Each and every human life has inherent dignity. Every person must be treated with respect from conception to natural death. We see this misunderstood in policy when abortion is encouraged and celebrated, when families are separated at the border, and when we don’t speak out against injustice. In Congress, I will only support policies that will defend life. I will help mothers facing crisis pregnancies and couples hoping to adopt. I will end the family separation policy at the border, and I will finally pass paid family leave for all.  


It is a parent’s fundamental duty to provide a quality education for their child, supported by teachers and administrators. As a parent, teacher, school administrator, and school board member, I understand the many different facets of education. 

Given the uniqueness of each child, a proper education requires understanding the needs of each individual student. Being able to read, write and do arithmetic are the fundamental skills necessary for adulthood and good citizenship, but these primary subject areas are supplemented by a student’s individual interests in the sciences, arts, and humanities. I believe it is the parents who know the best way to teach their own child. 

In Congress, I will continue to support parents in their role as their child’s primary educator by promoting school choice, seeking tax credits for educational expenses like tuition, and ensuring parents have a voice in what their children learn. 


We see technology emerging in every aspect of our lives and our economy, from our phones to our jobs, and everywhere in between. I have been working in technology for my whole post-college career. I have seen firsthand how quickly technology can change, as my first job out of college as an iPhone and Android mobile developer did not exist when I graduated from high school.   

Since the technology industry changes quickly, and has become integral to every day, crafting policy requires a person with a deep understanding of the field. Technology growth will continue to be essential in stimulating the economy by creating jobs and making businesses become more effective. 

As your Congressman, I will ensure that new startups can compete with existing giants by not entrenching the industry into regulatory capture. We need to make sure that all voices are able to be heard online, and companies of all sizes are able to compete so that the market, not the government, can decide which companies are the best. 


America’s healthcare services struggle under the current regulatory climate. The lack of transparency in healthcare, the everyday costs, and the threats to healthcare programs burden our families with uncertainty.  

Diverse, competitive marketplaces will help drive lower costs without diminishing the quality of service. Defending healthcare programs will ensure that our seniors receive the services that they need.  

Lower costs and lower deductibles also help our small business owners as the high deductibles and unaffordable plans stop new companies from even starting. Families shouldn’t worry about paying for emergency room visits or yearly checkups. Companies need to focus on their products and services, not how they’re going to afford expensive healthcare plans.  

Defend the Constitution

Each citizen is given the gift of the U.S. Constitution. We need to treasure this gift, and protect this framework for our country.  We cannot silence free speech, even if it’s uncomfortable. Our religious liberty is for everyone, no matter the creed. Our second amendment has made our country a strong home, and should not be weakened. Due process and the right to a speedy trial promote justice and help the innocent. The wisdom of our forefathers has guided us so far, and, if we listen, will guide us into the future. I will always strengthen and support our Constitution, no matter the price. 

Broadband Access

Broadband has become an infrastructural necessity, and the paucity of access affects everyone: urban, suburban, and rural. We saw its importance during the COVID shutdowns, from education to work, and we saw that in some communities, children couldn’t learn and employees couldn’t connect to do their jobs. In Congress, I will focus on building out broadband throughout the country, by working with local Boards of Supervisors, providing tax credits for companies investing in fiber, and less regulatory burden on starting a communications company. 


We all appreciate fresh air, clean water, and verdant greenery. I’m an organic farmer, and I’m working to leave a cleaner farm and world for my children. Now more than ever, it is essential that we cultivate and encourage small family farms, especially here in Northern Virginia. There is a huge opportunity for conservation of our beautiful valleys and mountains, and a way to diversify our food supply. The food supply chain is a well-oiled machine, but when one part breaks down, the ripple effects are catastrophic. Farming can be a cooperative community effort that helps grow our neighborhoods.