John Beatty for US Congress

John Beatty for Congress I’m running for all of us

I’m running for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District because the issues we care about locally have become national.

John’s Campaign Kickoff Speech

Hear John’s message for everyone in the 10th Congressional District. Our nation was founded on Ordered Liberty, and he will always support and strengthen the vision of our Forefathers.

 It isn’t local health departments keeping schools closed, it’s national teachers associations. Parents’ educational choices are being limited by federal regulations. We can cut red tape and help our students actually learn.

I want to keep DC from ruining the tech economy. We can’t let regulations get in the way of technology’s promise. Currently, tech giants seek to entrench their businesses and keep out the competition. Everyone can be a small business owner if the government doesn’t get in the way.

I want to make our healthcare costs more transparent, and let the market drive costs down. I will fight for more medical choice, leading to better lives and lower costs.

I’m a strong supporter of the constitution, foremost, the right to life and the right to bear arms. We all have the right to speak our minds, and not be silenced by political mobs. 

All politics is local, but it’s being driven by national voices that don’t care about us.  I will be an advocate in Washington for our country’s parents and students. I will be an innovator to foster a fertile business environment so we can all profit from the new digital economy. I will be a reformer to help lower healthcare costs. I will be your public servant so that we can preserve the constitution which our forefathers fought and died to write. I will stand up for all of us in Congress.

I need your help to win!